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The Hottest Wardrobes Trends

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The Hottest Wardrobes Trends

There’s a dream wardrobe out there for all of us — regardless of your budget. Whether you’re coveting a walk-through wardrobe that’s worthy of an A-list celebrity, or you’d simply prefer a more functional wardrobe that’s designed to suit your busy lifestyle, you can elevate your storage space with our hot wardrobe trends.


As the name suggests, Zen features striking Japanese-style doors which effortlessly slide on our V-Glide tracking system. The showstopping nature of these doors lends itself to a range of decors, including Asian-inspired, contemporary, minimalist and transitional.

Thick, bold frames are available in your choice of colour, with the option of coloured glass or colour board inserts. We’ve created an array of diverse looks with Zen including:

  • Checkerboard style with black and white glass inserts
  • Modern look with black glass and silver frames
  • Asian-inspired featuring mirrored panels with black frames
  • Contemporary style with white glass and neutral frames


From bespoke jewellery drawers to enclosed shoe closets and custom-made make-up stations, there’s an endless range of options if you want to personalise your wardrobe.

Don’t just consider your apparel and hanging space — create a wardrobe that provides a home for your favourite accessories, too. Our wardrobe add-ons are available in a vast range of materials with the option of soft close drawer and high-end hardware to add that special touch.


When space is simply not an issue, a walk-through wardrobe is a desirable storage option. Think of your wardrobe as a dressing room, with the ability to make your day easier with functional design and luxe finishes.

Styling your walk-through to complement the tone of your bedroom, walk-through wardrobes can feature island benches to provide extra storage space for folded apparel, hair accessories, jewellery, apparel and more.

If you’re considering a walk-through, why not incorporate custom seating into your wardrobe design and turn ‘getting ready’ into a truly glamorous event?


Tudor doors add a beautiful and elegant touch to any room. They can boast a Hamptons, country, retro or coastal chic style – depending on the choice of frame and insert. With white frames being an increasingly popular choice, we have crafted Tudor doors wardrobes with a range of inserts including mirror, colour board and V Groove wood panelling.

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Wardrobes Trends