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Working From Home? Create A More Functional Space With Our Office Storage Solutions

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Working From Home? Create A More Functional Space With Our Office Storage Solutions

If you are one of the many Australians who are now working remotely, you may understand just how challenging it can be to create a functional workspace within your home. Whether you have a dedicated study that lacks adequate storage, or your living room is now doing double-duty as a home office, we have some handy office storage tips to create a more functional workspace.


Organisation is key when you are working within a home office.

You no longer can stroll down to the communal printer or pop out to the stationery room — your new office is often more compact than it used to be.

It is important to create enough space for your technology, devices, files, stationery and more. But how can you comfortably fit an office inside your home?

Maximising the space you have is always a clever idea when you’re considering office storage solutions. Don’t just think about how large your desk is or what storage you have beneath it; look at your walls as an extension of your workspace.

Creating customised office storage to suit your work requirements can help you become more organised and efficient; with everything you need in your workday at your fingertips.

Storage solutions include open shelving above your desk, floor-to-ceiling bookcases and wall-hung cupboards (perfect for keeping your technology out of the way and dust-free). You can also integrate bespoke lighting into your storage design, so you can eliminate the need for a desk lamp.

With smart storage solutions, even the smallest of home offices can be reimagined to create a more useable workspace.


Need some inspiration while you are at work? Colour is a simple way of adding atmosphere to any room. Our team at Affordable Wardrobes can create custom office storage in a range of materials — including coloured glass or colour board inserts.

You can create a standout feature in a home office by choosing a high impact colour for your cabinetry. Whether it is a small splash of colour or a bold colour scheme, we can help transform your home office into an eye-catching and inviting room.


A work desk is often the focal point of a home office, but you don’t have to put up with a space-sucking desk if you don’t want to. Why not consider the convenience of a foldaway option?

Foldaway desks are ideal for tight spaces. Simply pull out (or down) your desk when you are working, then pop in away at the end of a day. Not only will you enjoy a fully customised office desk that complements your decor — you will be able reclaim that much-needed space at the end of your workday.

Want to make the most of your new office storage? Then consider selecting tailored add-ons such as pull out shelves, built in bookcases, easy-to-access baskets and pigeon hole shelving.

Create the home office that will work for your busy lifestyle. Connect with our friendly team at Affordable Wardrobes to discuss our latest office storage solutions by phoning our Central Coast Showroom on 02 4362 3800 or our Newcastle Showroom on 02 4957 0066.


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