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Affordable Wardrobes and Kitchens Pty. Ltd. trading as Affordable Wardrobes and Storage Solutions Terms and Conditions


  1. Quotes are valid for 30 days.
  1. Affordable Wardrobes and Kitchens Pty. Ltd. has the right not to proceed with this quote if errors have been found in the calculations of this quote.
  1. On acceptance of this quote a 30% deposit is required to obtain an installation date, with the balance payable at installation.
  1. Please check over this quote carefully, design, finishes etc., as once this order is in production, alterations will be at the customer’s expense. The deposit will be forfeited to the company

(Affordable Wardrobes and Kitchens Pty. Ltd.) on any cancelled order after production has commenced.


  1. Multiple revisions to this quote will incur a small surcharge
  1. Changes must be confirmed in writing (a fee may apply).
  1. Installation dates are estimated only, whilst we endeavour to install on date given Affordable Wardrobes and Kitchens Pty. Ltd. will not be held responsible for backorders of materials which are beyond our control.
  1. If installation can not be completed on the day Affordable Wardrobes and Kitchens Pty. Ltd. has the right to require part payment of the balance, and full balance upon completion.
  1. If the customer is not on the premises or installation team cannot get access to the site (for example other trades onsite or blocked access) on the day to install and another day has to be arranged, Affordable Wardrobes and Kitchens Pty. Ltd. has the right to charge a separate service call which must be paid upon installation. A fee will not be incurred if this is due to illness or any other factors at the discretion of Affordable Wardrobes and Kitchens Pty. Ltd.
  1. Removal of any existing wardrobes, internals, doors or cabinetry is the responsibility of the customer, unless otherwise specified. If the products are not removed before installation Affordable Wardrobes and Kitchens Pty. Ltd. has the right to charge the customer a removal fee at the time of installation. It is also the customers responsibility to make sure all obstructions e.g., furniture existing clothing, etc. are removed to give the installer access to the installation area.
  1. In the event of non-payment by the customer, Affordable Wardrobes and Kitchens Pty. Ltd. has the right to recover costs by ways of a debt collection agency and all collection fees and disbursements shall be paid by the customer.



  1. Full 10-year warranty to original purchaser.
  1. The materials used are manufactured to meet strict industry standards. Therefore, slight or minor imperfections such as minor change of colour to aluminium, timbers or mirrors are not liable to warranty claims. Warranty is not transferable and does not cover mirror or glass breakage after installation.
  1. This guarantee does not cover defects or damage caused by accidents, misuse, abuse, wear and tear or failure to properly maintain or clean your installation. This warranty becomes void if repaired, adjusted or moved by someone other than Affordable Wardrobes and Kitchens Pty. Ltd.
  1. All materials used in installations remain property of Affordable Wardrobes and Kitchens Pty. Ltd. Until fully paid for.
  1. Please note any repairs after this warranty period has expired will incur a service call out charge and fee for parts and labour.

General Conditions

1. Standard materials used unless otherwise stated
a. All shelving 447mm deep white melamine,
b. All wardrobes 600-670mm deep externally,
c. Only standard 50 or 90mm cornices will be used,
d. All return panels are white melamine panels unless quoted otherwise
e. Twin top and bottom track

2. Following items are NOT standard and are not included unless otherwise stated
a. Wall linings
b. False floor
c. Painting or staining
d. Removal of existing materials

3. Customers responsibilities prior to / upon installers arrival:
a. Please lock all dogs/ other animals away from property access and work areas
b. Please advise of any potential hazards and clear the area and pathway to where
installation will take place
c. Please ensure that a suitable area is allocated for a work van to park during installation
d. Please advise of any special requirements

4. Cornices, if installed will require sanding and painting after it is set. This is the Customers

5. Removals and Cut-outs
a. Removal of top shelves and internals will leave some damage to your walls. Affordable
Wardrobes and Kitchens Pty. Ltd. will patch the damaged walls; however, it is the
Customers responsibility to sand and paint the walls. Installation is completed on the
same day and you can then paint after internals are installed.
b. Affordable Wardrobes and Kitchens Pty. Ltd. can remove one day and come back and
install at a later date – however this needs to be booked in when the job is initially
booked, and has an added cost involved.
c. If wardrobe opening had to be enlarged or nib walls removed, minor gaps in floor
covering or discoloured timber will be visible on the outside and inside of the wardrobe
bottom track. It is the Customers responsibility to repair this unless a cover angle(s) was
allowed for in the quote.
d. Cut-out where Affordable Wardrobes and Kitchens Pty. Ltd. are cutting out existing
bulkheads, mullions or infills the above will apply. Walls will need to be painted by the
client or you can have your wardrobe fully lined to cover wall damage. This will have to
be decided before you book in and incurs an extra cost. Doors will be measured once the
cut-out is complete and will be booked in for a later date. There may be gaps where
mullions and architraves/infills have been removed. Where mullions and architraves are
removed an aluminium jamb and angle are fitted. These angles and jambs may not cover
the entirety of the exposed areas.

6. Inspect completed job and advise installer about any problems so they can be rectified

7. Balance of monies owing are due at the completion of your installation. Please pay our installer
on the day or contact our office to arrange payment